Wednesday, April 06, 2011

On the Eve of our brief April Break

The video below (posted April 4) is one I made a couple of weeks ago with Will. We've become good friends and I greatly admire his musical talent.
Tomorrow after a two hour stint at my school I shall have the remainder of Thursday and Friday off. I had thought of going to Savannah, but decided instead to relax here, with warm evenings on the porch. There are financial items, including my taxes, that I need to do. I also look forward to continuing to read John Irving's Until I Find You. What a superb writer he is.
This spring, my reading, my nights of dialog with Will, and the approach in a year or two of retirement have flooded my mind with nostalgia, with memories especially of Jim and Jake and Julian. Completing a first typed draft of my novel has added to all of this remembrance as well.
Spring has also brought storms and shifts in feeling with the shifting extremes of temperature (today began at 36 and went in mere hours to 76). And so it goes.

Atlanta Lightning
from Wikipedia

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