Monday, November 22, 2010


Tennessee in Autumn
photo by Darryl

As we embark upon Thanksgiving week, there is much that I am thankful for. Today is my brother's 58th birthday and I am glad we shall spend the rest of the week together. I am thankful for Darryl's going with me to Savannah and for his new job editing that allows him to go virtually anywhere there is internet access. I am thankful for my good friend Joseph Mydell's visit this past week and the week ahead, for our renewed times together, and for his wonderful success as an award winning actor.

The week ahead offers more contact with our world of friends, with Lee and Steve Killian from North Carolina. Ben Head will host John, Dad, Kathy, Darryl and me for Thanksgiving dinner. And Darryl and I will have the spacious  Live Oak Suite at the Bed and Breakfast Inn to enjoy. It is a golden autumn here in Atlanta today, yellow leaves against the gray sky. Several warm days lie ahead here and in Savannah. So, it is a good time to reflect upon blessings: health, friendship, the opportunity to visit Savannah, Asheville, and Chattanooga where Starr is thankfully becoming Tays once more.

Always in my mind, these holidays, is the Epicurean Garden, where gather our kindred spirits. May it ever become more manifest in our lives.


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