Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Ship of State


 Our ship of state goes in circles. We are rounding the loop of 1980 when voters rejected the truth Jimmy Carter told us about conservation and using less oil. We are rounding the election of '94 when voters took out a contract on the Clintons for daring to promote health care for the poor and sick. By January, if all goes 'round as expected, Republicans will again shut down the government in order to guarantee the corporations unlimited power to do as they please. Why? The reason too repeats: misguided selfishness of the worst kind. It is not only that we will not recycle, not pay taxes to make the world a better place, it is that we want our phantom edge over the others, the immigrants, the blacks, the gays, the Muslims. We will not learn Spanish, damn it. Nor will our undereducated offspring.  Thank You Jesus (even if you really were for the poor and outcast, you Socialist). Vote Tea Bag.



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