Thursday, March 18, 2010



Jack  (Silenus/ Socrates of the Tropics)
Photo by Dar

As the Vernal Equinox

approaches, there are transformations happening. On the national scene, Health Care reform is finally on the verge of becoming law.  Though it is burdened with compromise and concessions to special interests in the corporate world, insurance companies in particular, and the powers of capitalism, just as Michael Moore tells and shows us, it is nonetheless a crossroads turn to the left. Make no mistake, the new law opens the doors to social reform this nation needs-- desperately.

Personally, my life has been immersed in Hawaiian and pagan culture. With my consort living in an aesthetic A-frame at Kalani Honua, I have had the joy of swimming naked daily in the healing waters of the Olympic size pool, hiking along the lava coast of the Pacific, partaking of the healthy feasts, comingling with the high spirits that inhabit that enchanted garden.
In a world where we all wear our daily masks, Kalani is that rare community where one can just be. No masks necessary. In Kalani's festivals, dance, art parties, we reveal ourselves by wearing physical masks that reveal our true spirits. And at times by wearing nothing at all.

For the happy few who have lived at Kalani, whether for weeks, years, or decades, it has been, as I wrote for the Kalani Blog, Zen nights and Dharma days, from the dazzling full moon through the coconut palms to the sunrise over the molten red lava flowing into the Pacific from Pele.


Full Moon, By Dar



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