Saturday, January 09, 2010

Darryl's Day

Nothing like a day at Kalani. Here's a glimpse of life on the Big Island of Hawaii while the rest of us are avoiding slipping on the ice:

Photo By Karen Miriam
I've been missing you all day today too -- was even worrying that you might be slipping on the ice, believe it or not!

I worked 2nd shift in the kitchen today -- 1:30-8:00, so, effectively, all day long. I got up early for no reason today -- was sitting on the lanai drinking a cup of coffee by 7am, dined on apple fritter french toast at 7:30,  worked in the marketing office til 10:30, showered/shaved/made my bed/checked my email then had a ham and swiss wrap and a bowl of split pea soup for lunch. At work, I made gazpacho for 100 people, checked my mailbox on my break but it was empty, read a little bit more of "Wraethu" then headed back to set up the salad bar. Ended the night by joining in to sing Happy Birthday to Jason (his 33rd), then ate a slice of his chocolate ganache cake and drank a tall cold glass of skim milk. Took the back path to my A-frame -- it's a little longer and a lot darker, pitch black already, a gazillion stars overhead. Was really hot all day today but getting rapidly cooler now that the sun has set. I hope it rains tonight.

I'm off work tomorrow. The guy who set up the hike to Halape has another one set for tomorrow -- a lot shorter, just 1 mile - but the group meets in Hilo at 9am and I don't have an easy way to get there so I guess I'll just hang out here. Too bad, cause I like him and there are supposed to be a lot of local guys showing up for this one (as opposed to the Halape hike, which was mostly Kalani people.)

also, there's a music festival going on this weekend -- called HEMFest (Hawaii Electronic Music Festival). They have a big show in Hilo tomorrow night at the Palace Theater and a bunch of people from here ARE going to that, so I might tag along. I'd like to see the inside of the Palace Theater, it was built in 1925. HEMFest is coming to Kalani on Sunday, though -- they're  going to have a dance party at the pool -- so that might be enough hippieglitter stuff to do me for awhile. I work in the kitchen Sunday night but plan to take the camera to the pool on my break and get some shots.

Well, that about catches you up on my big exciting life! Off to bed soon -- don't want to miss the chocolate muffins at breakfast!


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