Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Spirit of Hawaii

Candice on the Shore
Photo by Jack

How do I convey the primeval spirit of this island in the center of the Pacific Ocean? Stereotypical images of the Islands of Hawaii must first vanish. After dispelling the commercial attributes of Honolulu and Waikiki, imagine the birth of a volcanic island complete with swaying coconut palms, billowing nimbus clouds from which lightning bolts from cloud to cloud. Picture flame trees, hibiscus, orchids sprouting in full bloom from shrubs, and the sounds of doves, coqui frogs, and rain on tin roofs. Imagine a sparkling natural water pool with a naked Adam and Eve diving in. Long stretches of black sand and white sand beaches round out the landscape and seascape.
Kalani is a place altogether beyond commercial Hawaii; even the food is spiritual: fresh mango, blueberries, Kona coffee, fresh Ahi Tuna...Everything outdoors in the breeze from the Pacific. 

Is all of this description too idealistic, too  unaware of the realistic down side of existence on the Big Island? Perhaps so. Yet, after this morning, watching the sunrise through towering clouds, the lightning, the cleansing rain, and having breakfast served by Darryl as the sun bathed the lawn and flowers in warm light, how could I be otherwise?



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