Friday, October 09, 2009

Noble Obama

Portrait of Barack Obama

Today The Nobel Committee awarded Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. It was pure inspiration. There could hardly be a more controversial pronouncement. The decision raised the ire of Obama's opponents and the spirits of his supporters. What amazes me is the number of comments on the left and on the right claiming the award comes too early.

Is this not the very purpose of the Nobel Prize, to encourage, to initiate, to promote peace in all its forms, not just in the ending of active wars, but in making the planet a healthier, more harmonious home for all people? President Obama has taken up the cause of acceptance, diversity, and global consciousness from the beginning of his campaign. Look at the reaction of the rest of the world to the announcement. President Sarkozy's remarks are especially apropos;

Sarkozy congratulated Obama and said the Nobel Committee had recognized his "determined commitment to human rights, justice and the promotion of peace in the world, in accordance with the will of founder Albert Nobel".

The prize also "does justice to your vision of tolerance and dialogue between states, cultures and civilizations," said Sarkozy in a letter to Obama, released by his office.

"It confirms, finally, America's return to the hearts of the people of the world."

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