Saturday, September 26, 2009

W. S. Merwin's poem, Empty Water

Read this poem tonight in W. S. Merwin's  book,   Migration:

            Empty Water

            I miss the toad
            who came all summer
            to the limestone
            water basin
            under the Christmasberry tree
            imported in 1912
            from Brazil for decoration
            then a weed on a mule track
            on a losing
            pineapple plantation
            now an old tree in a line
            of old trees
            the toad came at night
            first and sat in the water
            all night and all day
            then sometimes at night
            left for an outing
            but was back in the morning
            under the branches among
            the ferns and green sword leaf
            of the lily
            sitting in the water
            all the dry months
            gazing at the sky
            through those eyes
            fashioned of the most
            precious of metals
            come back
            believer in shade
            believer in silence and elegance
            believer in ferns
            believer in patience
            believer in the rain

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  1. this is my favorite poem of W. S. Merwin's considerable and powerful oevre. Thanks for posting it.