Monday, June 15, 2009

Lorca, Dali, Bunuel

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Lorca, thanks to Wikipedia:

The film Little Ashes is certainly gorgeous to watch, especially if you like beautiful men and Spain. The subject matter, regardless of the manner in which it is presented, is fascinating and poignant. Fascism, after all, is hardly gone from the world. It may get beaten, but it never seems to die, and rises up again and again in the world as surely as weeds do.
Having read a few lukewarm or downright negative reviews of Little Ashes, I went to see it with skepticism. There is much I love about all three of these men, and I don't like to see them reduced to caricature. Lorca is presented as a saint, of course. Bunuel the bully is a homo-phobe. And Dali becomes a clown rather than live up to his true feelings and talent. Yet, that being said, the film gave depth and color to the three. Sometimes overly sentimental, even trite in its "historical view," the study of the times and the three individuals revealed the depths of their love for one another and the impossibility of being authentic in a world of pretense, fashion, creativity, and rising Fascism. The man who keeps his ideals and his integrity is shot to death by Franco's men. Dali succeeds as an impostor. Bunuel flees to America and Mexico.
The film makes one want to read more about these artists, to go deeper, and to look again at their achievements. For that it deserves praise.

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