Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fab Facebook Fives

Facebook Fives and other comments:

Jack Miller: Five singers I've heard live...

Jack Miller I've heard a lot of great singers: 1st 2 of these at the Olympics in Atlanta.

Jack Miller 5 more. I'll never forget the private performance Elton John did for WebMD at the Fox.

Nemanja DundjerovicNemanja Dundjerovic at 12:33pm April 25
What - no Rosanne Cash? :)
Jack Miller
Jack Miller at 1:31pm April 25
Wow-- that's right. Forgot about that! You know, when you've done as much as I have...
Jack Miller
Jack Miller at 1:37pm April 25
And BTW, Dar and my bro went to see June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash showed up.

Jack Miller This is where I was last spring and will be again this summer...(San Miguel)

Cliff Bostock
Cliff Bostock at 1:20am April 25
Hung out there virtually fulltime for a year about 20 years ago. What's its appeal for you?
Benjamin L. Head
Benjamin L. Head at 9:13am April 25
It's beautiful, but I like Guanajuato better.
Jack Miller
Jack Miller at 9:59am April 25
We are going as guests of my friend and colleague at BFA. We hope to spend a couple of days in Guanajuato too.

Jack completed the quiz "What Literary Time Period Are You?" with the result Eighteenth Century.
You resemble Swift, Richardson, and Pope. You take seriously the line between public and private -- you practically invented it. Be it a clever satire where your true intent remains obscured (it turns out that you don't really believe the Irish should be eating their children), or the invention of the novel (why not be titillated and scandalized at home?), you are always holding something back for yourself -- we'll call it discipline. This discipline pays off: you claim credit for single-handedly inventing the novel, the nuclear family, and the nation-state. Good for you, Eighteenth Century! You are up and coming..
Jack Miller
Jack Miller at 12:05am April 25
The questions should have had "none of the above" as a choice in many cases. Still, I love the notion that I'm anything like Mr. Swift.
Jack Miller
Jack Miller at 12:07am April 25
Again, these questions are proof that Facebook is, in M. McLuhan's words, making "pastimes of past times."
The only way for the nation to regain its moral compass is to investigate how the government’s interrogation abuses happened, and, if necessary, to prosecute those responsible.

Jack Miller is listening to the pouring rain and thunder and wondering if/when the water will come on again (it's been off for 6 hours).

Jeffrey Jones
Jeffrey Jones at 1:19am April 24
I miss those storms! but not the tornadoes
Jack Miller
Jack Miller at 7:25am April 24
The water returned after 11 PM. Gorgeous day ahead with a high of 86!

Jack joined the group Save Sordid Lives!! · Comment ·

Jack Miller is listening to the violin of Joshua Bell who is as beautiful as his music...

Jack Miller Just a sample: 5 more: Puerto Vallarta, Copenhagen, Paris, Amsterdam, New Orleans:
the list really does go on.....

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