Wednesday, February 25, 2009

State of the Dis-Union

President Obama gave an inspiring, uplifting speech to Congress last night. Education, energy, and health care were the themes. Of course, the economy was central to achieving progressive policies on these three, and the end of war is a means to financing. It was thrilling to see Obama, flanked by Pelosi and Biden, running the nation, and doing it with wit, intelligence, and eloquence.

The Howdee Doodee appearance of Louisiana Gov. Jindal to give the Republican response was ludicrous and sad at the same time. His reference to Katrina was absurd and actually proved the opposite of his claim that government is not the answer. No, Bad government, such as Bush provided in response to the hurricane is not the answer; Good government which builds secure levies and rescues disaster areas is. The Republican indifference and utter lack of compassion for those who have been laid off, and could lose their homes, is appalling. In politicians, it is immoral, even evil.


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