Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January with Varla Jean

Here's Varla Jean Merman on National Drag Month:

Varla Jean Merman Announces: "It's National Drag History Month!"

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Drag queens everywhere, REJOICE! Stand a little taller in your pumps, high atop that plywood-covered pool table! As the delicious Varla Jean Merman is proud to announce today, "January is National Drag History Month!"

And on Jan. 31, just in the nick of time, Starr, Dar and I have tickets to see Varla Jean Merman

perform again at the 14th Street Playhouse...

Shut Up Sweet Charlotte
14th St. Playhouse Main Stage
14th Street Playhouse Main Stage
January 22-31, 2009
Reserved Seating


You may know her from her featured role in the 2003 underground comedy smash hit “GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS”. She’s filled concert halls and cabarets around the world from Sydney and Vienna to Chicago, San Francisco and New York and as a regular featured performer headlining her own original shows during Provincetown summers for the past 10 years. And most recently, you may have caught her as the winning model for PROJECT RUNWAY’S amazingly popular Drag Challenge. Strangely enough, New Orleans born VARLA JEAN MERMAN aka JEFFREY ROBERSON has never played Atlanta.

That is about to change however, as VARLA JEAN makes her (his) Atlanta debut as the star of “SHUT UP SWEET CHARLOTTE” set to run at the 14th Street Playhouse from January 22-31, 2009.

Atlanta is a befitting launch for the proposed national touring version of the “Suthen”-drenched, critically acclaimed and award winning production first seen In New Orleans and Provincetown. With VARLA JEAN herself providing the adaptation, direction and headlining the production alongside co-star RICKY GRAHAM, the result is a whacked out, brilliantly twisted and skewered yet right-on-the-mark drag parody of the cult 60’s classic “HUSH HUSH SWEET CHARLOTTE”.

Varla Jean and her company of co-conspirators have created the first ever stage version of “Charlotte” and in the process, provide a laugh-riot of an evening at the theatre. The entire cast impressively manages to both revere and (affectionately) ridicule this cinematic art form. Davis and de Havilland fans will be delighted with their cross dressing theatrical reincarnations. Also watch for the dead-on, inspired rendering of Velma Cruther (Charlotte’s devoted maid) as brilliantly delivered by BROOKS BASELMAN in the supporting role originally portrayed by AGNES MOOREHEAD (Endora of BEWITCHED fame). The additional supporting cast includes Mark Meehan, Yvette Hargis and Michael Sullivan.

Tickets will go on sale November 1, 2008 and can be purchased by visiting the theatre website at or by calling the Box Office at (404) 733-4738

Keep Warm.


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