Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Will the AJC cease to be liberal?

From today's AJC:


For the Journal-Constitution

Jack by Dar
New York

Responses to "A less liberal slant, please" and "Move toward center to keep readers," Letters, July 19

Ideology has nothing to do with it

The glee with which some readers seem to regard John Mellott's letter reporting on the shifting fortunes of the newspaper business is amusing at best ("Charting the right course in extremely difficult times," @issue, July 17). They seem to think the AJC's problems would go away if you would repent and follow the editorial slant of their media, i.e., Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, et al., which they laughingly claim to be "balanced."

The shift in advertising dollars is due to the Internet, not ideology. The idea that advertisers are deserting the print media because they disagree with their editorial positions is nonsense. Americans are as married to their newspapers as they are their cars, the only difference being that just about everyone can drive but not everyone can read, at least not discriminatingly.

If you want to placate these "on-and-off" subscribers, never print a story they don't want to see in print and never, ever print anything that challenges their biases.



Don't move any further to the right!

The letters in Saturday's AJC urge the paper to move more toward the right and center to garner more readers. In other words, tell Georgians what they want to hear. I've noticed that letters you choose to publish are ever more leaning to the far right. Jim Wooten's reactionary opposition to all things progressive, whether critically needed rail or alternative energy sources and pollution reduction, seems to be the dominant theme. If the AJC is contemplating becoming a controversy-free mouthpiece for far-right voices that keep Georgia from moving forward, please cancel my subscription now.



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