Sunday, April 06, 2008

Three Transforming Films (seeing is believing)

hree films show how coming out gay has gotten happier and better, and is the moral thing to do. Films from the 1960s and 70s such as The Children's Hour, revealed how traumatic coming to terms with being gay used to be. Only towering figures like James Baldwin could write about and be gay in an appreciative way in those decades. Suicide, lobotomy, prison, murder, psychosis... were the picture of homosexuality until the film Making Love (click) in 1982 showed that gay love is essential to wellbeing. Coming out in 1965, as I did, was pure anguish and tears. The tears may still flow, but now they turn quickly into tears of joy.

The three films that reveal the joys of coming out, however painful the process, are Beautiful Thing, Summer Storm, and Shelter. The first was set in England in 1996 (the play was produced in 1993), the second in Germany, 2004, and the third takes place in California. Here are clips from all three. To go with the metaphor of the third, let's hope this is the wave of the future:

1) Beautiful Thing

2)Summer Storm

3) Shelter (2008) {Read the reviews}

A Gay Kiss isn't just a kiss.


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