Saturday, October 20, 2007

Gone With the Water

lood devastated New Orleans. Now, no water at all threatens Atlanta.

Atlanta: demolished.

Greed in the form of developers and local politicians has used up this vital natural resource. Misuse and mismanagement that built shoddy levees and wasted Louisiana wetlands, that is exploiting Georgia's coast and golden isles, have drained Atlanta. Government incompetency, from Bush on down to county commissioners, is about to strike five million people with empty reality.

Soon, as oil soars to over $100. a barrel, what will Atlantans pay for a tub of water? The epic catastrophe facing Atlanta will make a footnote of New Orleans. The wars on terror, the wars on drugs, the hysteria of decades, even the war on Iraq, will pale next to the drying of Atlanta. Atlanta will burn again. Atlanta will become America's very own Baghdad.



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