Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Stalled in Congress

My Own Private Idaho... Not

ust cause I was tappin' my feet and wavin' under the stall wall, that doesn't mean I wanted anything GAY. No indeed, I happen to need a wide space when I, the senior U.S. Senator from Idaho, go to the crapper; and that's why my foot brushed up against that cop's foot.

Peeking through the crack in the door to his stall? no way. Lordy shucks. Golly gee. Not me. But isn't it nice he noticed my pretty blue eyes!

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Sinator Craig from Iz a ho, I mean Idaho, was just misunderstood. Just like Foley from Florida and so many other conservatives, Craig deserves our compassion. Poor thing. What will his wife, adopted children, and grandchildren think? Surely they won't think he's GAY! Not That.

We know what Mitt Romney thinks-- that he no longer wants Craig's support. He never has, nor ever will, be in favor of gay rights, right?

This event gives a hole new meaning to "stalled" in Congress. Those family-value Republicans are just too hip, as in hypocrites. They should be flushed with shame.

Story: from Salon--


Those old Republican homophobes have the rest of us tapping our feet in impatience to rid our
selves of the most corrupt government since Caligula.

Bust of Emperor Caligula in the


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