Saturday, July 21, 2007

Eat Up

Not since Micky Mouse and Rocky the Squirrel, has a rodent been as enthralling and as exciting as Remy of

“Ratatouille.” (click)

Unable to
stomach the garbage his tribe thrives on, Remy must follow his palate to the finest kitchens that, as luck would have it, he finds

in Paris after emerging from an escape through French sewers. Like

many an outcast artist (need I say more?), Remy can realize his

identity only after painful separation from his family. With divine

guidance from his imagining of the ghost of a great French Chef,

Remy finds his way to the late chef's kitchen and the arms of a boy

hired, like Remy himself, to deal with garbage.

While the animation is pure magic, leaving us gasping in delight

and amazement, the plot is equally rich, offering insight into the

value of telling the truth and being true to oneself. The art of

cooking and excelling in that craft is presented in just as rich a


“Ratatouille” is a complete work of art, like a play by

Shakespeare, offering treasures to all levels of audience.

Excitement, chase scenes, dazzling special effects, moral lessons,

and wisdom make this children's fantasy into a joy to behold.

Bon Appetit.


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