Monday, June 04, 2007

Cocktails, Key West, and Henny Penny Coughs

Welcome to our State Park!

Watching the French Open, sipping mimosas, aglow from a sunny day at the beach, I can't help being bemused by the travel news from Atlanta: "Speaker speaks..."
Here's my take on the TB story:

Nothing pleases our news media more than hysteria (Fears about TB patient overblown, doctors say, AJC). Henny-Pennys are all over the news telling us about the potential horrors of global disease. Even the man with TB seems confused by the frenzy of reporting, not knowing whether he is a threat or not, or even whether he is, in fact, married. Never has a story had more contradictions than the tale of this man's travels and honeymoon. No doubt, he shall spend the next two months writing that multi-million dollar book about the time since he learned he has TB and his wedding ceremony on the island of Santorini to the daughter of a TB specialist. With such a setting, I think I'll wait for the movie.

Here in Key West Hippie heaven, it's all a tad surreal.

Clear Sailing...


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