Thursday, May 17, 2007

Time to Say Goodbye

What a week. Tony Blair quits. Jolly, Bloody Good.

Wolfie, Paul Wolfowitz that is, resigns. And his girlfriend? Will she too call it Quits?

ith new revelations of Gonzo twisting the arm of a sick, bed-ridden John Ashcroft, he too appears to be on the way out. At least the Senate will deny him their confidence.

And Jerry Falwell... gone.


Falwell Faldead. Tinky Winky say, UH OH!

In a year or two the horrifying Iraq war will be over. W. will be back in Texas. The national nightmare will be over. Our troops will say goodbye to Iraq.

Then, if we are fortunate, a leader will emerge to act responsibly and wisely, winning the world over to face the prospect of a nuclear Iran, a vast, polluted China, an over-heated Earth, and the mystery of the birds dead from virus and the missing bees.

With the world in the state Bush has left it, we may all be saying Goodbye.

For now, though, I say... Hello.

Hello, Asheville. Hello, Mt. Pisgah. Hello, Lee! Hello, Steve. Hello, John and Jane. Hello, Key West and Helloohhh-- Summertime.


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