Thursday, January 11, 2007

Letting Iraq Go

Speaking of letting go, it is time for the U.S. to let go of Iraq. Bush should cease trying to mandate democracy in Mesopotamia and return democracy to his own country. He should heed the recent election clearly expressing the democratic will of our nation's people to leave Iraq, to save our troops from the civil war we have exacerbated.

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The Nation

Congress should do everything in its power to halt the march of Bush's misguided, guilt-infested ego, to end the occupation of Iraq.

My letter published Friday, Jan. 12 in the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Head off latest rush into disaster

Instead of trying to mandate democracy in Iraq by sending in more U.S. soldiers, President Bush should try to restore democracy at home by heeding the recent election and the clear will of the American people.

Sending even more troops into the Iraq civil war will only heighten the resentment of the Iraqi people, make the present government more dependent on us and sacrifice more lives to the stubborn "stay the course" policy.

Congress should do everything in its power to stop this foolhardy rush into disaster.


Read the Nation's response:

No to Escalation



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