Thursday, July 27, 2006

Return to Mexico

Tomorrow we fly to Mexico again, this time to the land of the Iguana...
Puerto Vallarta.

The film version of Night of the Iguana by Tennessee Williams has always been one of my favorite stories. Google will give you all sorts of reviews of the play and the film,
masterpieces both .

photo by Dar

Unlike Streetcar, Iguana offers hope. The kind, wise words of Hannah Jelkes give defrocked priest Shannon calm, and bring him back from the end of his rope-- literally-- to the realization that Maxine Faulk is his perfect mate. Maxine, likewise at the end of her rope, realizes that Shannon, not Pepe and Pedro, is what she needs. It's quite a love story in the midst of a tempest of gringo tourists. The story shows how marvelous Mexico is as well, a place with real humanity and values lost to much of the U.S. It is Tennessee Williams (and director John Huston) at his best.

PV is no longer the outpost it was when the film was made. Yet it still offers Mexico's unique qualities...

for an enjoyable account of Puerto Vallarta, read:

Even the whales are gay down Mexico way




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