Saturday, June 12, 2010

Science Non-fiction

(photo: European Union Times)

It was Oscar Wilde who said that nature imitates art, not the other way around. As we watch the bleeding of the Gulf of Mexico, it is as if we are watching the disaster films of the past few decades. The blood of Godzilla is rising to the surface of the sea. An entire section of our planet is under attack.

Tonight I watched the film version of The Pelican Brief. It is a mediocre movie with hard to believe scenarios of evil and corruption all the way to the White House. The corruption is that of an oil company trying to do off shore drilling off the coast of Louisiana. The oil execs murder two Supreme Court Justices who would stand in their way in order to save the brown pelicans. Gresham wrote the book in 1992, and the president of the story is a befuddled fool in the vein of Reagan. 

Tonight I also watched about five minutes of Huckabee on Fox "News." Looking like Mr. Wizard, he showed how the millions of gallons of oil in the gulf can be instantly dissolved away by modern chemistry, if only obstructionist Obama would listen. We can solve all environmental problems with the wonders of technology and the enterprise of private corporations. Just let corporate know-how have free rein.

Are we on the "Eve of Destruction"? Is it the "End of the World as we Know it"? One source from Europe declares that it is the end of the Eastern half of North America:

Toxic Oil Spill Rains Warned Could Destroy North America

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  1. There is so much being hidden from us … not only the amount of oil actually spewing…. this article tells more….

    As I understand it, for every barrel of oil spewed out – lost – poured out in a disaster, a fine will be imposed. It would seem that this knowledge has been behind the reason BP initially downplayed the estimate of oil at 5000 barrels per day. Now that a tally can be kept of what is being piped aboard the other rig and boats that will store, for processing, this oil, a better estimate of the fines accruing can be made.

    This will not of course include all the millions of barrels of oil BP has dispersed – via the use of toxic chemicals – into the waters of the gulf, and possibly worldwide!

    I mean if you can’t see it, you can’t count it – so therefore it isn’t there coz YOU can’t prove it! READ MORE: